Monday, April 29, 2013


The letter for today my little lovelies is Z. This is Final Day of the A to Z Challenge. Using the letters of the alphabet as a starting point, bloggers are challenged to write a post everyday except Sunday. It's a good way to meet new authors and bloggers, learn about interesting books and topics and gain readership. If you stalk me (follow) I will stalk you!

My posts are loosely based on emotions/mental drama and anguish while introducing you to some books bearing the same or closely related titles/themes.


We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you. You can come to, to to. We're going to the zoo. Zoo. Zoo!
While this post is not based on an emotion, telling a preschool girl of an upcoming trip to the zoo has evoked an emotion of happiness and lots of talking. No matter how many times we visit a zoo she is always excited. Aren't kids great?! Well, most of the time.
The innocence of my little one is so refreshing, her little mind open to learning and exploring. A bad day for her is, well I don't think she has any bad days. Her life is filled with apples, bubbles, crayons, Dora, Elmo, fairies, glitter, pixies, make believe costumes, pirates, riding her bike, Zou, playing in the dirt and lots of laughs, hugs and kisses. 
As she grows older I pray she will have fond memories of visits to the zoo and the excitement, wonder and joy of each day!

Zoo on the Bookshelf


Welcome to the crazy world of Gerald McGrew who dreams of transforming his local zoo into a madcap menagerie of weird and wonderful beasts.

In the tradition of "Marley & Me" comes an unforgettable memoir about the mysteries of the animal kingdom, the power of family, and the triumph of hope over tragedy in this chronicle of the Mee family's purchase of the Dartmoor Wildlife Park, a dilapidated zoo in the English countryside.Weinstein Books

I like the zoo!

 What about you? 


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    1. Thank you. Glad it's over....until next year! (dramatic music) :)

  2. Stopping by from your comment on the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Z post on Facebook!

    The zoo is fun. I also enjoy the drive-thru safari at Six Flags in NJ. There's nothing like cleaning monkey butt prints off the hood of your car.

    1. LOL!! Monkey butt prints? I may have to visit just to have that experience. :)

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you survived!