Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This is Day 16 of the A to Z Challenge. Using the letters of the alphabet as a starting point, bloggers are challenged to write a post everyday except Sunday. It's a good way to meet new authors and bloggers, learn about interesting books and topics and gain readership. If you stalk me (follow) I will stalk you!

My posts are based on emotions/mental drama and anguish while introducing you to some books bearing the same or closely related titles/themes. The letter for today boys and girls is N!


N is for Nervous

You always did make me so nervous. 

From the first time I saw you, butterflies in my stomach doing somersaults. 

Dry mouth. Starry-eyed. Lovesick. 

You glance at me and I would look away, not because I was shy, I've never been shy, I look away not wanting you to see how you've totally and completely captured my heart. 

Then you spoke to me. 

I have to fan myself.

Now I'm more nervous. 

I can hear my heart beating in my ears. 

Can you hear it too? 

Can you sense the heat rising within me? 

I can't breathe. 

I think I'm about to be sick, no I'm going to pass out! 

That would be great! 

Then I'd look like a complete an utter fool. 

I'd probably fall on my face, breaking my nose, laying in a pool of blood, drool and snot. That's sexy! 

How embarassing! 

Ha! At least I wouldn't be nervous.

Nervous on the Bookshelf




 When Noel flies from Sydney, Australia all the way to Chicago to see her boyfriend, Peter, she is shocked and heartbroken when she discovers that he has a fiancĂ©. She is distraught but is determined not to let a man like Peter get in the way of her happiness. She takes a job as a coffee shop barista and reunites with the man she met on the plane, Dawson. The man had comforted her during the landing because she was such a nervous flier. Soon she discovers that in her heartbreak she will find something better—true love and a man strong enough to withstand any turbulence.





Katie Woo is so excited to spend the night at her grandparents' house. But once she gets to their house, she feels a little nervous. How will she ever spend a whole night in the strange house?

What makes you nervous?


  1. The smallest thing makes me nervous. It is anticipating the arrival of the school bus for my son each day. Something about being afraid he will miss the bus, I guess. It's really completely unnecessary for me to be nervous about it! But, I'm happy to say, I don't get nervous about very many things.


  2. I love travel and I travel a lot but I always get a little nervous before a trip.