Friday, April 19, 2013


The letter for today my little lovelies is R. This is Day 20 of the A to Z Challenge. Using the letters of the alphabet as a starting point, bloggers are challenged to write a post everyday except Sunday. It's a good way to meet new authors and bloggers, learn about interesting books and topics and gain readership. If you stalk me (follow) I will stalk you!

My posts are loosely based on emotions/mental drama and anguish while introducing you to some books bearing the same or closely related titles/themes.

R is for Respect

Aretha Franklin's hit always comes to mind when i think of the word respect. Respect. Find out what it means to me. Respect. Take care. TCB. Sock it to me. Sock it to me. Sock it to me. Sock it to me. Sock it to me. Sock it to me. Sock it to me.
Respect. Just a little bit. Just a little bit.

As my kids would say, I have mad respect for the A to Z Challenge administrators, moderators and assistants. It is quite a challenge in itself, to live your daily life, write a daily blog post all while checking the progress of a few thousand bloggers. Daily!

My recent question was answered efficiently and very quickly by Alex and the email administrator. Sorry I have forgotten your name, but that does not mean I've forgotten the help you afforded me. Thank you again to both of you.

Hats off to all of you, standing ovation and thunderous applause as you faithfully and diligently execute your duties.

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