Friday, April 5, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday #5

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Q: Have you ever read a book that you thought you would hate -- ? Did you end up hating it? Did you end up loving it? Or would you never do that?


I always choose a book thinking "this is really gonna be good!"  So I guess the answer is I NEVER read a book thinking I am gonna hate this! I won't revisit the book I hate because I hate it too much to re-live the horror of my wasted time and money. :)

Here's the fun part!! 

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  1. maybe i should do that maybe then i will not read some bad books

    new follower via gfc(follow back plz)

    heres mine

    1. thanks for the follow; will be visiting and following your blog in a bit. :)

  2. Nothing hurts as much as looking at a book and remembering the dreadful time you've had with it! I try to keep an open mind, but if I think I won't like a book I'll probably avoid it!

    I'd love for you to join my giveaway of 'Arabella's Shadows', all you have to do is leave your name and email address in a comment!
    Join my Giveaway on my Friday post!
    Juli @ Universe in Words

    1. Hey there!
      Thanks for stopping by. See you next week. :)

  3. Sadly, that's why a lot of the books I buy I've already read, lol. Thanks for stopping by. New follower.

  4. Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my blog! I've been lucky as I won't even pick up a book unless it appeals to me so I've not been overly angered by a book lately.

    I'm now following you back via GFC and wish you a wonderful weekend.

    The Scarf Princess

    1. I've decided to listen to book bloggers and NOT the so called critics anymore when picking a book. :) But I usually do pretty good.

      THanks for the follow.