Friday, April 19, 2013


The letter for today my little lovelies is Q. This is Day 19 of the A to Z Challenge. Using the letters of the alphabet as a starting point, bloggers are challenged to write a post everyday except Sunday. It's a good way to meet new authors and bloggers, learn about interesting books and topics and gain readership. If you stalk me (follow) I will stalk you!

My posts are loosely based on emotions/mental drama and anguish while introducing you to some books bearing the same or closely related titles/themes. 

Q is for Q

I quietly walk across the room. Each step becomes deliberate and quick. My heart is racing and my stomaching is turning . I feel queasy. The quinoa salad I ate for lunch is poised to crawl up my esophagus. I have forgotten about the vase that was shattered the night before. I swallow hard oblivious to the many quartz-like shards of glass that are beginning to pierce my feet. The pain quickly shoots up my leg. I curse under my breath as I look at the queen's lace flowers laying on the floor. I begin to hobble determined to complete my quest.  I feel as if I'm in quicksand and my steps begin to slow. I will not quit! I lean against the quaint little coffee table and make a face at the couch that is covered with the ugly quilt. I grimace as I cross the threshold and lean against the counter.  I have you now! Shaking, I quickly cram the cupcake into my mouth!

Q on the Bookshelf


Q, Quentina Elizabeth Deveril, is the love of my life." Shortly before his wedding, the unnamed hero of this uncommon romance is visited by a man who claims to be his future self and ominously admonishes him that he must not marry the love of his life, Q. At first the protagonist doubts this stranger, but in time he becomes convinced of the authenticity of the warning and leaves his fiancée.

In 1517, Martin Luther nails his ninety-five theses to the door of Wittenburg Cathedral, and a dance of death begins between a radical Anabaptist with many names and a loyal papal spy known mysteriously as "Q." In this brilliantly conceived literary thriller set in the chaos of the Reformation-an age devastated by wars of religion-a young theology student adopts the cause of heretics and the disinherited and finds himself pursued by a relentless papal informer and heretic hunter. What begins as a personal struggle to reveal each other's identity becomes a mission that can only end in death. 


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