Thursday, April 11, 2013


The letter for today my little lovelies is J. This is Day 10 of the A to Z Challenge. Using the letters of the alphabet as a starting point, bloggers are challenged to write a post everyday except Sunday. It's a good way to meet new authors and bloggers, learn about interesting books and topics and gain readership. If you stalk me (follow) I will stalk you!

My posts are loosely based on emotions/mental drama and anguish while introducing you to some books bearing the same or closely related titles/themes.



J is for Joy!

Are you enjoying the journey? Or are you merely happy, content and existing? I decided many years ago that I did not want to be happy, I wanted to find joy! That doesn't mean life or the journey will be easy nor does it mean I will laugh at the hardest circumstances or situations. No, it means that when the hard stuff comes I can make the decision to pull myself together keep moving and get 'er done!

When I was child, there was a monkey at the zoo who would smoke cigarettes and throw poo at the patrons. He would laugh and seemed to gain pleasure and satisfaction from his accomplishments. Sometimes life can hurl poo at you and it seems there is some monkey somewhere laughing at you and making folly of all your efforts. 

For me social media can be overwhelming and thoughts of failure press through my mind bringing insecurity and anxiety and I want to walk away. But I can't. When my older children were younger I impressed upon them the importance of never quitting and to do all things with their whole heart.

That face right there! That's joy!

Joy on the Bookshelf


Ever wonder why some people seem to experience joy in their daily lives--even in the tough times--and others can't seem to find it no matter how hard they search? Is a joy-filled life really possible?

The answer is yes! And it's possible for every woman, no matter what her circumstances may be. In this inspiring book, Kay Warren teaches women what joy really is, where to find it, and how to choose it in the good times and the bad.

Drawing on the core message of the New York Times bestselling The 4:8 Principle, 40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life is a fun and highly practical action plan providing readers with time-tested strategies and exercises for experiencing joy by design—God’s design.  All readers will benefit from the uniquely packaged inspiration and encouragement delivered in bite-size chunks for easy consumption and in a “sticky” style custom-made for easy retention and long-lasting joy.









What brings you joy?

Are you enjoying the journey or are you merely existing?



  1. Right now I don't know if I am enjoying the journey, but I certainly want to! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I love that you decided happy wasn't good enough and you wanted to find joy.. I had a bit of joy doing my joy post today. I think we should have an official Joyday :)

    1. That's a good idea, every April 11th is Joyday! :)

  3. Writing novels brings me joy. Whether or not they all get published isn't why I write. :-) Although it would be nice.

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