Saturday, March 23, 2013

Speak the Truth Saturday #2 ...... your brown IS beautiful!

I am constantly amazed by the women of the Eastern world.  Never in my life have I witnessed such self-hatred.
"What do you mean?" you may ask. In these cultures young girls are taught that the paler their skin the more beautiful they are. There are commercials explaining that if you are brown you will not get the job, but if you buy this product and bleach your skin, not only will you get the job but you will be more beautiful, you will be fair and lovely. (eye-rolling). This is absolute foolishness!

These silly-ass women run out and purchase this product in the attempts of gaining better employment, a better suitor for marriage or to look more white. No offense to my Caucasian brethren and sisters. God made us all different and more importantly He made us in His image! Yes, His image. Who are you or anyone in society to tell me that you know better than God what my physical appearance should be?

What is more beautiful than skin that has been kissed by the sun? I recently told one young lady how silly the attempts to whiten their skin is.  I stated all the white girls at home want to be tanned. The Caucasian sisters in the group all nodded and said yeah that's true. We all laughed. The girl asked why and my paler sisters quickly explained to her how (in their mind) to have color on your skin makes you look healthier, its attractive and it makes them look better. Stop the music! Do you see a pattern here folks?!

I was in a department store in Dubai looking for some facial cleansers.  The sales lady was very nice and helped me locate the exact product that I needed. As I proceeded to the register I noticed a cosmetic I wanted to try and stopped to take a closer look.  She took the opportunity to point out the skin brightener sitting in the counter. I forgot my southern upbringing and how I am to always be polite and quickly rolled my eyes.  Yes, I did. I rolled my eyes and no!  Needless to say she was quickly quieted. I know she meant no offense, being from the Philippines she thought it was very natural to "bleach" your skin. Sorry chica! The Creator made me EXACTLY the way HE wanted me to be!

There is enough to contend with in life without being made to believe you are inferior because of your weight, height or complexion. This should not be a source of heartache, contention or stress for anyone! People please get over yourselves and your ridiculous notions of what is and is not beautiful! Certainly you can find a better use of the 86,000 seconds in a day. Here's a suggestion, read a book!

my dear sisters beauty is not defined by the color, complexion or clarity of your skin,
real beauty,
true beauty
is found within.
it is knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made
by a God who doesn't make mistakes and loves your shade.
you are His and He is yours and you are loved just the way you are
sun-kissed skin
mocha, caramel hue
He knows best
He made you
your smile
your laugh
more refreshing than morning dew
the beauty my dear is all over your
brown, black or the deepest blue
you are beautiful my sister
beautiful. brown. black. dark
beautiful you.

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