Saturday, March 9, 2013

Speak The Truth Saturday #1 ......just plain Grey!

Native American  Wisdom. Truth just is.  Anything more added to it changes it to opinion. Wish more people knew how to speak the truth.

 Today is Speak The Truth Saturday. I was prepared to write something smart, deep and thought provoking, however, I've decided to speak the truth about a book that I did not like.
This book has sold millions of copies and made the author an instant success in the literary world. 50 Shades of Grey. I absolutely hated it! Close your mouth. Stop rolling your eyes and please do not suck your teeth.  I read a lot of books and I have never, ever come across a book that I did not like.  I can always find some redeeming quality in a book even if it was very slow to start or the characters weren't really developed or the plot was a jumble and I struggled to stay interested.  I am sorry. No, I am not sorry. The writing was horrible  and the overall story line of a virgin experiencing varied, crazy sex acts with a narcissistic, emotionally detached tyrant was a little on the abusive side, in my never to be humble opinion.

I sat by and read the rave reviews and listen to all the hoopla and thought, "ok, it's just me." I am learning there are many persons who were less than thrilled. My friend  Libby Broadbent wrote a funny post in July and said, "I just wish there were a metaphor or two, maybe a simile here and there, to give it some literary weight." I've learned over the past two days some book bloggers share some of the same sentiment and commented the book was a waste of time, terribly written and not a favorite.  I do like the bookie group, these men and women are ardent readers, not paid critics who have devoted their time to reading and reviewing and blogging about books.

If you are interested in reading some REALLY good books I suggest you visit often as I will have interviews, excerpts and guest posts from some of the best authors in the literary world.

Have a happy day and be sure to speak the truth!


  1. I just love your post! I didn't read '50 Shades of Gray', but mainly because the summary on the book cover was already enough to put me off. After all that I heard about the book - or actually this series of books - I wonder how it ever got on bestselling lists. In fact, I never met anyone who really liked it. I reckon that the publisher must be a genius in marketing!

    1. Hi Edith! Thanks for stopping by with the blog love. :) I think the publisher is a magician or has placed a strange subliminal spell in the pages that only affected some people. Mmmm....there's a story idea! LOL!

  2. Great post!
    I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

    1. Hi JJ!
      WLC is a great site, wish I'd found it sooner. Thanks for stopping by. Great connecting with you too!