Saturday, January 14, 2012

Short-short story Saturday Vol I

The sun was peeking over the horizon. The amber rays filled her heart with hope and the sky with a kalidieoscope of colors. Sandra strolled along the beach digging her toes into the sand. The winter air was fresh and crisp.  She didn't seem to notice the cold and periodically stopped to watch the waves bob between the ocean and the shore.

The beach was quiet, only shared by Sandra, the occasional jogger and the seagulls. This was her favorite place in the world. The beach. Sandra believed its solace was the cure to life's problems. And she hoped that today, it would be the elixir she needed. Tears began to stream down her face and memories flashed in her mind. "How did I get to this place." she said to the wind. Sandra paused  as if the wind would offer her an answer and then shook her head when none came.

She zipped her powder-blue jacket higher to cover her long pale neck.  She was now fully aware of the cold air surrounding her and quickly pulled the hood over her head, covering the auburn-colored ringlets that fell around her face. Her feet began to ache and so did her heart. She started to think maybe it wasn't a good idea to walk barefoot in the winter.  One bad decision after another.  That had been the story of her life. Now she wanted to make a good choice and do something right for a change.  Sandra chuckled to herself as she contemplated making a phone call.  And what exactly would she say? "um...yes. Hi. You don't know me but I stole your baby. And I'm calling because I wanted to return her but there was an accident and she is dead." As the wind caught the words a chill went up her spine and she began to sob uncontrollably causing her thin frame to convulse.

Sandra walked toward the waters edge. The soft white foam licked her feet and danced between her toes. The water was frigid but she was no longer chilled. She stood there for a moment.  Waiting for a sign.  Waiting for confirmation.  Waiting for absolution.  There was no sign.  No confirmation. And no absolution.  Just the water and Sandra. Her calves. Her knees. Her thighs.  Her waist.  All  embraced and kissed by the meringue-colored foamy waters. A warm sensation overtook Sandra and she continued to walk until her long pale neck and auburn-colored ringlets were caressed by the waves and she became one with the ocean.

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