Saturday, January 21, 2012


Gremlins. They are not just characters in a movie.  They are real and are living inside my laptop.  I'm serious.  Last week I told my sister-in-law about, she used the website to publish a book.  So I said, "hey, I'd better get my rear in gear" and turn another dream/vision into a reality.  I visited the website, downloaded and installed the software and followed the instructions to start creating my masterpiece. (smiling)  Of course, I got sleepy. What a surprise! No more energy after chasing the toddler all day.  So I decided to save my work and return the next day.

I happily flopped down in front of my laptop and clicked on the icon.  The software did not open, instead there was a "bong!"  What do you mean bong, the file has been corrupted? I rolled my eyes and reluctantly uninstalled the software, re-installed and the reboot my computer.  By this time I need a cup of coffee and decide the computer is a big girl and she does not need me to "baby-sit" her while she powers up. (that's what you think sista!)

When I return I find myself face-to-face with a blue screen full of letters and words and phrases.  Safe mode.
Delete hardware or software.  Bios. Dos. blah. blah. blah. So what did I do you ask?  I unplugged the power cord and removed the battery.   After re-connecting the power sources I restart my computer and tell gremlins to go away.

Well, they were not listening and did not leave.  Even as I type this post, my laptop is making a very weird noise. And there, on the top right-hand corner of my computer sits a gremlin, waiving and smiling mischievously at me. 

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