Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Day

I had forgotten how much life, energy and curiosity is stored inside a toddler.  There is a 16 year gap between the last two children and I had begun in earnest, the countdown to an empty-nest.  I had it planned, days filled with work and evenings reading the latest novels, exercise (really), writing and learning to become a better cook.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Day - midget and dad napping

Now I look forward to the most wonderful time of the day.  Bath-time and bed-time.  But not for the midget.  For me! Many evenings I fight unsucessfully to keep my eyes open.  I often-times wake to find the midget staring at me or I find myself sitting alone in the room wondering to where the midget has vanished.  I sit watching the clock praying for 8 pm to come so I can put my weary body to bed.  This is especially true on days when the elusive nap are nowhere to be found.

It's funny.  As children we whine and complain because we cannot stay up late.  When we are in our teens and twenties, we can easily burn the candle at both ends.  But something strange and diabolical happens to us in the thirties and we begin to long for the days of going to bed early.  By the time we reach our forties, well let's just say for some of us a late night is 10 pm.

I think Mr. Franklin summed it best, "early to bed, early to rise.  Makes a man (woman) healthy, wealthy and wise."  

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