Monday, February 4, 2013


Several months ago, I created a Pinterest account and sat staring at the computer thinking, "now what?" Since I had no answers, I closed the page and ended my journey in Pin-land.
One day I decided to take another look after a friend posted a pin on Facebook that looked really interesting.

I typed in the pinterest address, entered my log-on information and once again stared at the computer screen.  I discovered a list of categories.  Okay. I picked one and the rest is history.  I initially created Pinterest as another resource of author self-promotion.  But, if you visit my page, you will find boards ranging from Exercise to Motivational Thoughts, everything except promoting myself as a writer. (smile)

All is not lost, maybe one day all the other shiny objects will loose some of their luster and I will have the ability to combine my craft with my other interests.  Feel free to stalk me on Twitter, my handle is @namesnotshirley, on Facebook, and Pinterest .

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