Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valoween! Just plain Scary!

As the Month of Love comes to an end, this article about a post-Valentine's Day attack, completely explains why I call the 14th of February, Valoween. This day is clearly scarier than Halloween. It frightens me how society designates one day out of three hundred sixty-five (366 this year) to "show" love. With the constant barrage of ads from florists, chocolatiers and jewelry stores telling men across America to make the day special with a diamond, because like your undying love for her, it too, will last forever, the real meaning of love is lost among the glossy, colorful ads and sentimental television commercials.

Sadly people use the word love not completely understanding the meaning. Real love is not predicated on the size of a bouquet, the number of carats in a ring or whether cupid pulled back his bow and hit the bulls-eye in your heart. No my friends, real true love endures the test of time, stands tall through adversity, does not hold grudges, does not with-hold communication or pout over the lack of receiving gifts.

Love is patient and kind, it does not boast, is not vain and does not keep score of wrongs. Until the masks are removed and our focus is instead on the relationship and not the "shiny stuff", the real spirit of love will be lost and love will continue to be relegated to one lonely day, in the shortest, coldest month of the year. Love is not a commercial enterprise. Love should be given everyday.

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